The Street Musician's Hat...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Cyber Street Musician Appreciates The Support...


intr.v. buskedbusk·ingbusks
To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.

What is the difference between busking and begging?

Well, presumably the music played inspires generosity. The passerby can see a person playing on the street is not at the advantaged side of personal prosperity and offers a dollar or their spare change to show that they appreciate the music, and the musician's situation. There but for the grace of God go I -------- or perhaps------ damn, I wish my fingers weren't so clumsy and could play guitar.

BEGGING... Begging is pretty much two possibilities. Someone who does it constantly as a means of survival and asks you on the way in the building and on the way out of the building.

You said you would work for food... Finish that burger and we will make sure you regret the hell out of that...

The second beggar may be someone who is just so damn desperate that pride is checked at harsh reality. They really do need bus money to knock on Aunt Hilda's door in Des Moines.

Today I ask with a shamed head bowed for donations to my paypal because I made a horrificly stupid mistake. I took one of those shark loans at 325% interest. It is eating me alive.

I need to erase it from my life. I need $1000. to get my car title back and end this vicious economic rape.

What else can I say but stupid is as stupid does.

So... Just like on a Friday night, when you are casually strolling downtown and happen upon a street musician, and you drop a dollar in his hat. I am hoping you will generously contribute to my cyberhat. PAYPAL link at top of page.

Looks like we are going to have to stay with your parents for a while...

An original song called BANG... performed at The Pub in Willits California...

It may or may not be Christmas but the lesson I teach my son, that giving is better than getting, is a lesson for 365 days a year.